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Bedford Residence Assisted Living Facility-Policy and Procedure on COVID-19

No visitors are permitted into the facility, including family members of the residents, during this time until further notice. Only ‘Essential persons’ and are allowed into the facility. Essential persons are the facility staff and those who provide essential services such as doctors, nurses, home health and hospice staff whose services are necessary to ensure resident care is provided and to protect the health and safety of residents. Case by case Hospice (end of life) visitors will be permitted with certain guidelines (see Hospice Visitors Guidelines).

All essential visitors will be screened as described below, practice hand hygiene prior to and during the visit and will need to wear a mask.

Essential visitors will not be allowed access if he/she:

The facility will have a visitor form to fill out to make sure they meet the criteria. Temperature checks will be performed and documented, and hand sanitizers will be available to all essential visitors prior to entry.

If a resident leaves the facility temporarily for any reason, the resident must be screened upon return to the ALF according to the above criteria. Departures that are not health related are strongly discouraged.

The facility will comply with all infection control requirements as required in 26 TAC 553.41 (n), including:

The resident’s physician is to be notified immediately if any of the residents begin exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath. If suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus, the individual will be isolated until we are able to confirm with a test. If tested positive but stable, we will follow the HHSC/CDC guidelines where the resident will be put in isolation in his/her room. If the symptoms are not controllable, the resident will be sent to the hospital.  

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